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If you're here reading this, it probably means you're a curious person with an attraction to the timelessness of barefoot travel, old world charms and a penchant for all things gypsy and fancy free. For over a decade of m̶o̶r̶e̶moderately surfing & n̶o̶t̶ working illustriously..I've been disappearing on adventures with me & myself, randomly discovering other equally random people, scoring ground swells & swimming with fishes both gigantic and microscopic. 

One mile, one flight, one encounter at a time. Weaving the story of Asian textile through the travel lens.

On these travels, there would be a dozen surf-worthy bikinis, emergency foodie stash, rolls of duct tape, Goretex raincoat, and also featherlight silk kaftans and batik pants for lounging poolside ocean front, and wraps of the softest cotton to make long plane rides and foreign beds more comfortable. Dig further in my luggage and rolls of cloth weaves in organic dyes will be spilling out from the recesses. Why sacrifice luggage space clothing and essentials for strange articles of rough clothes? A single thread can tell no tale, but when woven up in to a spread, a grand story starts appearing. One travelogue at a time, a story is woven for the reason behind these textile collection. 

Culture & Heritage: we can't move forward until we look back.

In our times where some things move forward faster than they can be made, it's the wise that look back for the compass of the future. It's not what is being left behind, but it's more pressingly urgent WHO is being left behind. Can living standards and family & community success be positively impacted by conservation measures within their textile practices? Does conserving native heritage have an immediate impact on an environment?

It's my great privilege to invite you as I embark on this journey called Heritage.

Heritage | carmenandwater.com - Promoting and conserving the rich culture & heritage of Asian textile, through the travel lens.
- Carmen and Water -

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