Japan Dusk to dawn with a View

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Tokyo's perfect night snack : a box of discounted vegetarian Onigiri snagged right before the supermarkets rids their food for the day.

Discounted vegetarian Onigiri snagged just before supermarket closing.

A light drizzle & fog settles in with Tokyo Train Station down below

A slight fog settles overhead the Tokyo train station and a spritz of rain drizzles over important looking buildings. As the last few carriages pull away on the tracks, it's not hard to understand why the movie Bladerunner was inspired by Tokyo.

Odaiba Ferris Wheel lights the horizon in the distant Tokyo skyline

If you spot a ferris wheel from your Tokyo hotel room, it's the Odaiba Ferris Wheel, on the man-made island of Odaiba located in the bay of Tokyo.

This is one of those cities that never sleep, perfect for the layover where you have to cough up work on Eastern Standard Time, and still want to catch some sights during the day. Wander all day, work all night = Tokyo, your layover city of choice. Delicious and decently priced cooked food sell at discounted rates from the basements of supermarkets an hour or so before the supermareket closes (circa 8:pm). Get another midnight snack & instant coffee fix at 2am from the convenience stores that seem to be at every other street corner of Tokyo city (Lawson, 7-11, Circle K etc.) It wont be long, soon you'll be seeing the sun rising over the 'land of the rising sun'. In style & smog, set over a culture of never ending ascendence.Land of the Rising Sun where the only constant is change

Tokyo Skytree is a landmark icon during the day

Every city has a classic skyscraper to landmark it's skyline. The Tokyo Skytree in Sumida-ku is this city's token icon: a broadcasting/restaurant/observation tower. 

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