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Javanese Joglo and the Milky WayPhoto: 4am Milky Way rising with a Javanese Joglo in the foreground.

So, I set an alarm to rise pre-dawn. I was trying to estimate how slowly the Milky Way would be rising before it was in full view, yet not too high up in the sky so that i would be able to get some trees and the beautiful Joglo in the foreground. Too early or too late and you would've missed it. 

That light in the house was from a very small table lamp which in over a 1 minute exposure made it seem like I had switched on all the lights in the entire house...but did not really fancy tripping down concret stairs and get stabbed by a tripod. The whole place was littered with coconut trees and getting a clear shot void of fringing foliage was challenging. Taking great care not to startle any passing fisherfolk least I would appear ghoulish. With very very little light pollution in this sleepy fishing village, it is actually quite easy to spot the Milky Way faintly in the sky. When I was done, I paced around for less than an hour then watched the most brilliant quiet sun rising.

That would be another post for another day...

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