Battle of the Scrimpy Hotel-Price-Watchers - $5 saved? Woooorrrth it.

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Battle of the Scrimpy Hotel Guest - $5 saved? Woooorrrth it.

Being a scrimpy hotel-price-watcher is good if you... 

1. Have a particular hotel you want to stay at and want to specifically watch the price of THAT hotel only.
2. Want the freedom of getting the lowest hotel price and booking with whichever site you choose (because you are trying to collect points/free nights etc.).
[These are price watch services not hotel booking sites. You cannot book your hotel through them, except for the 1st one.] Price Watch for getting email alerts when hotel prices drop. Price Watch

-Works and does alert you when prices increase, but seem to have a minimum viable to be considered a 'price increase'.
-Good for big savings of tens and upwards.
-No signup needed, only enter email to be alerted.

-Doesn't alert you when hotel prices have small incremental drops ie. $0.50 or $1.
-Useless for scripmy hotel guest dollar savings (though which may amount to a lot for stays over many nights).
-And ofcourse, you have to book with them to get that price.
-Price Watch has a 'Price Guarantee', which basically means you have to find the lower fare yourself before they can give you that good price guarantee. They won't find it for you.
-Simple opt in process. You put in your email and click done, so that doesn't give you a place where you can collectively return to view all the hotels you are currently watching. Airfare & Hotel Price Tracking for Personal(the reputable) Airfare & Hotel Price Tracking
(the reputable) Airfare & Hotel Price Tracking

-If you're a Corporate account you get the full works.
-Great reviews from WSJ/Departures Magazine/ Travel & Leisure Magazine etc.
-They have a free white paper on airport & hotel price volatility (if you're into such things).

-Poor scrimpy travelers using their Personal Yapta accounts wouldn't be able to find a feature for tracking hotel prices. Only has a flight tracking (which Google Flights does better) for ticket-price drop monitoring, on airlines that seem more for flight routes within the continental Americas or American-based flight carriers (not very useful for advance long haul/international booking as prices are NEVER cheaper 6 months later from when you bought it.)
-You have to create an account before you can even access anything, and Yapta doesn't send you an email confirmation when you register for an account... so you might forget which email address you used etc. and that will be the END of your scrimpy goals.
-You have to 'contact' Yapta if you want to find out more about hotel price watching with their Corporate account. Hotel Price Tracking Hotel Price Tracking Service for Travelers

-Easy website to start your search immediately and show some preliminary results.
-You can select to monitor several hotels of your choice, within your designated area, at one go.
-It is free. There is only one tier of membership and there are no preference given if you are a solo traveler or corporate traveler.

-You won't get far to see your results without registering for an account.
-Does not have ALL hotels in their watch list, only certain. Major hotels like Hyatt, Hilton will be able to be found and monitored by their list, but in major cities like Tokyo/Miami flushed with hotels, not all hotels may be listed by Tripbam.

Ratedrop Website - does it work or doesn't it? 

(Just including this for quality control purposes.)
-Website looks shady, prompted me to immediately check and realize that there is no SSL certificate on their site (but not like this is an e-commerce site where you will be entering your credit card information) which would be nice to have. 
-Seemed to have been started in 2010 and the domain is about to be expired in 2018 (as of this current blog post, a year from now).



Price watching for hotels is a closed industry. Nobody wants to lose money by having few cents on the dollar seep out from a small hole continuously and eventually adding up to millions. No one single site can watch a hotel price, not especially for the person who favors boutique hotels that are often unlisted. Watch for the next post, on leveraging booking site that has a price watch feature and a loyalty program for free hotel stays on the 10th night. 

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